Mike has a diverse skill set, having a background in a walk-in/street shop environment, he has learnt to do efficient and systematic custom work for each client. 

Mike has spent significant time as a travelling artist throughout New Zealand and has done extended working holidays in Australia in recent years. Mike has put a genuine effort into not only refining his technical application process but also studying various styles and motifs in tattooing. He has worked alongside the industries finest & is known for a distinctive style built on a traditional American foundation with a particular focus towards Japanese tattooing. He can also create beautiful script lettering, contemporary tribal, dot work, geometric, colour, old school & soft black and grey tattoos. Outside of tattooing, Mike spends a great deal of time painting and offers commission paintings and prints for sale from time to time. Powerful, beautiful and unique tattoos which will stand the test of time is a template on which Mike will continue to work from. 


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