Expert Tattoo Artists in Wellington

Since being established in 2011, Monarch Tattoo has created a portfolio of tattoos that consistently demonstrates our creativity and attention to detail as artists. Whether you’re after something small and personal, or a highly detailed sleeve tattoo, Monarch Tattoo Studio is here to create something for you that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Despite our care and experience in the creating tattoos for clients, our tattoo prices are highly affordable considering the work and artistry involved.

Versatile, Imaginative Tattoo Artistry

The best tattoos are created through years of practice, distinct artistry, and a firm understanding of what a client desires. It is our belief at Monarch Tattoo Studio that we should sit down with a client and discuss in detail what they want. In this way, both the artist and the client can reap total satisfaction.

Our tattoo artist, Mike Todd, has created a style of tattooing that builds from a traditional American foundation and focuses on Japanese art styles. Mike also creates beautiful script lettering, contemporary tribal art, precise dot work, geometric patterns, colour, old school and soft black and grey tattoos

Contact Our Wellington Tattoo Artists

If you’re wanting to get a tattoo, whether it be your first or simply a new addition to your body, get in touch with us for a free consultation. Contact us by sending your message through our online contact form, ringing us on (04) 382 9990 or dropping by our studio at 142 Victoria Street.


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